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Pioneering Innovation in 3D Printing and Manufacturing

Mobius Ventures Group has a range of capabilities such as mass-producing plastic products, along with additional services like laser engraving, prototyping, milling, and 3D scanning. We provide valuable solutions to businesses, government contractors, and non-profits looking for production assistance. We are currently able to print objects 10”X10”X10” or 256mmX256mmX256mm in size, 3D scan large objects at up to 31” or 800mm scanning distance with a precision of up to 0.1mm and laser engrave objects 3.9” in diameter and 8” or 205mm in length. This makes us a versatile partner for your organizational needs. We commit ourselves to quality and efficiency. As our company grows and expands check back for additional services, capabilities and products.
Mobius Ventures Group

Quality in our Products

With every project we undertake, our commitment is consistency and your satisfaction.

Crafting a Greener Future

As stewards of the environment, we embrace eco-friendly materials and processes.

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